Mother's Day Gift Bundle

$ 336.98
This Bundle comes with one Diffuser Nebulizer + one-10 ml bottle of Clary sage essential oilIts fragrance is slightly comparable to that of French Lavender, but incorporates a more herbal note, and it has a less powdery and lesser sweet scent. Both uses- as a natural herbal remedy and as an ingredient in the cooling and reviving classic perfume known as Eau de Cologne- make Clary sage the perfect, sophisticated perfume for you and your home, 100% natural, and without the nasty effects of the artificial, toxic chemicals found in the commercially sold home fragrances.
The benefits and uses of this wonderful essential oil are numerous, some of which include hormonal imbalances before, during, and post-menopause, various infections, muscles and cramp pain relief, insomnia, depression, SAD syndrome, etc.  Learn more here about the many benefits of Clary sage for women's hormonal health and wellbeing The gift of health and wellness is the best gift of all because it's the gift that keeps on giving! 

But if you truly want to benefit from the power of essential oils for your health and well-being, it's not enough to use the highest-quality essential oils, you also must know how to choose the best diffusing device to maximize their full health potential.  

Before you waste any more money on essential oils, learn WHY it matters to know the MOST IMPORTANT THING to maximize their benefits for your health and your pocket. 

Learn more about the HUGE difference between NEBULIZERS and DIFFUSERS. 

What you'll get when you add our NEBULIZER to the Mother's Day Gift Bundle: