Blossom Blend

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Our Blossom Blend is an invitation to delight in the natural aromas of a blooming garden all spring and summer long. Decadent and soft, the feminine floral notes of Clary Sage and Geranium inspire honesty and connection with your true self and others. The exotic, seductive notes of Patchouli and Ylang-Ylang will ignite your desires to blossom like a floral garden.

Diffusing this exhilarating blend will inspire you to discover again the renewal of life with grace, curiosity, and passion. 

NOTE: Patchouli oil is one of the very few essential oils that get more exquisite as they age, therefore it is well-known as a very popular fragrance in perfumes and incenses. The high-quality Patchouli oil can last up to 7-8 years.

Our Blossom Blend includes: 

1 bottle of USDA Organic Clary Sage  essential oil (10 ml)

1 bottle of USDA Organic Geranium essential oil (30 ml)

1 bottle of USDA Organic Patchouli essential oil (30 ml)

1 bottle of USDA Organic Ylang-Ylang essential oil (10 ml)

Suggested Blend:

Clary Sage- 20 drops Geranium- 10 drops Patchouli - 10 drops  Ylang-Ylang - 25 drops


Mix these oils together in a bottle as suggested above, shake well and diffuse in your NEBULIZER  - undiluted for a burst of delightful aromas. 

For maximum effect and for a lasting aroma, we highly recommend diffusing them in a nebulizer for its capacity to distribute a stronger scent, which is long-lasting, and in a fraction of the time with the maximum therapeutic effect. Learn more here why you should use a nebulizer instead of a diffuser.

Oil Specific: please click on the link of each oil to read its specific safety considerations.

General: keep out of reach of children and pets. Not for internal use unless taken under the supervision or recommendation of an aromatherapist professional. Do not use undiluted on the skin, eyes, or mucous membranes; it could cause allergic reactions. Always test first on a small portion of your skin. If you are pregnant, consult with a healthcare provider/ professional experienced with essential oils as some essential oil are less tolerated while others are well-loved by pregnant women.

Storage and Handling: the shelf life of ESSENTIAL OILS is usually around 1 year after they're opened, and up to 2 years when unopened. All essential oils oxidize and are subject to lose their therapeutic value and aromatic quality in time. Essential oils benefit from proper storage and handling. Avoid keeping essential oils in a location that is prone to sudden temperature changes such as the bathroom or kitchen. Store them in a cool, dark place, away from heat and light.

Herba Terra Organics is among the few companies is the US that offers an entire line of USDA certified organic essential oils, plus there are several other great reasons to buy from us. We pride ourselves on giving you the highest quality of essential oils and products available today because for us “organic” isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a way of life. It’s how we do business.

Our oils come from plants sourced from nutrient-dense, rich soils, extracted at the most optimal time to ensure maximum potency. All our essential oils are sourced from plants grown and harvested from organic farms, are USDA certified organic and rigorously tested, following stringent standards and rules to ensure the products are completely organic and free from any chemicals or other pollutants.

All organic products must be certified by a USDA accredited certification agency. We’re very proud of our organic commitment, and that means we will never sell or distribute, or import herbal products for our oils production that are conventionally grown, harvested, and processed with any pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, GMOs, synthetic chemicals, or growth agents. This is our promise to you because we truly care about the health of our customers, our communities, and our environment.

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    Whenever possible we strive to offer you fair-trade or wild-harvested essential oils. This means that when you purchase an oil that is labeled Fair Trade or Wild Harvested from us (as indicated by these words on the label) a portion of every sale goes to agricultural communities around the world. The Fair Trade Commission guarantees that workers in these small farm communities have rights and are paid fair wages. We know that paying the lowest cost for oils comes at a very high price for these farmer families and their entire livelihoods, and we cannot simply do that because we know the wellbeing of all people and our planet depends on it.

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