Blend Recipe- Firewood Magic for Winter Holidays
This is the perfect Christmas recipe to get that traditional seasonal scent in your home!
Imagine spending the Christmas tucked away in a log cabin in the snow-covered woods…sounds nice, right? But, even if you can’t be in a cabin this holiday season, you can still PRETEND with this beautiful essential oil Christmas blend!
Also, it’s a great hack for when you travel for the holidays because you can bring Christmas with you wherever you go…
This recipe is to be used on a wood fireplace, and you only need one drop of essential oil per log, which is enough to provide an aromatic boost for that sought-after Christmas ambiance.
These 4 beautiful woodsy and wintry essences are sure to bring you the warmth of
You can pour a drop or more of any of these essential oils mentioned here directly on the wood log, or mix it up with other spicy or pinewood-like oils I mentioned earlier.

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