Blend Recipe- Delightful Decongestant
The colder, darker months bring us inside for longer periods of time. This means more exposure to indoor air, which has vastly higher amounts of contaminants and allergens than outdoor air. Combined with decreased humidity due to heating, these circumstances create the perfect environment for congested sinuses. Soothe your sinuses with this
Delightful Decongestant blend.
Blend these oils and diffuse via a nebulizer for maximum therapeutic benefits. When you diffuse with a cool mist humidifier, divide your oil content by ten (it will be much less effective though). For a more traditional method of loosening secretions: pour 12 cups of boiling water into a glass bowl on a table, add a quarter of the Delightful Decongestant blend, and while hovering over the bowl, place a towel over your head to catch the steam and breathe it in.
Alternatively, you can place a damp washcloth in the oven (instead of microwave) and heat for one minute. Then add a few drops of the Delightful Decongestant blend, and place the washcloth over your face. With each breath allow the steamy essential oil goodness to cleanse and open your sinuses.

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