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LAUNCHING EVENT: Samplers Available for all Our NEW Fall-Winter Essential Oils!

Hi there!

We're thrilled to announce the expansion of our Essential Oils Collection. Every SINGLE essential oil in our new collection of 62 has been approved as Certified Organic by USDA after many months of waiting and lots of paperwork.

We know the word “organic” is thrown around a lot like confetti by many companies which don’t even sell organic products.

So why organic? It’s becoming quite the cliché these days, but honestly, it’s the best choice because if plants are grown organically, they don’t have any “help” from pesticides to fight off pests. They must use only their own strength to defeat the ravages of nature which makes them so much stronger, more valuable.Therefore their healing power is more potent because they have to build up their own immunity, so they only have THEIR OWN natural strength to thank for their success at harvest time!

We only sell USDA Certified Organic oils because we want to provide you with the most potent oils, which are some of the BEST solutions when it comes to holistic health.

Many people, including myself, have found natural and lasting healing through these oils you can too! You can learn more about my life-changing healing story on our website here.

Besides, if you purchased our Herba Terra Nebulizer in the past, our USDA organic essential oils are guaranteed  100% pure oils that are undiluted, unadulterated, which means they will work best with your nebulizer for a long time to come. 

For all these reasons we're so EXCITED to offer this coming week the first 22 essential oils from our entire collection and we’re going to do it with an EXCLUSIVE OFFER before Thanksgiving and the rest of them will be released after the holidays, sometime next year, so please come back to our website sometime this week.

But before that, you have a chance to try all of them now as sampler vials of 1 ml each for ALL our 62 oils! They come packaged in 3 different pouches, sorted in alphabetical order with each pouch containing 21, 21, and 20 oils. In these sampler packages, we’ve included 16 very precious oils which very few companies are selling in the US right now. These valuable oils include Helichrysum, Inula, Rose Otto, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Yarrow Blue and more!

Each of the sampler bundles contain between 4 or 7 of these precious oils, so each sampler package will be sold at the incredible value considering how extremely expensive are some of these oils (the retail value for 1 ml of Rose Otto is about $100, for 10 ml of Sandalwood is around $160). You can purchase one package of 20/ 21 vials, or all 3 packages if you want to have all 62 oil samples. Here’s a quick overview of how they’re packaged:

 Sampler package #1 (A-Ge) – 21- 1ml vials of essential oils

Highlights of the first package: Chamomile, Cardamom, Citrus

Sampler package #2 (Gi-Pal) – 21- 1ml vials of essential oils

Highlights of the second package: Inula, Jasmine, Helichrysum, Myrrh, Neroli

Sampler package #3 (Pat-Y) – 20- 1ml vials of essential oils

Highlights of the third package: Rose Otto, Sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang, Yarrow Blue

This sampler format is an extremely AFFORDABLE and practical way of introducing yourself to amazing oils especially the ones less well-known, but not less powerful, which we want you to learn more about. You can learn how each oil smells even before deciding to purchase a whole bottle! This is especially useful for the more expensive oils, which most companies don’t even sell. Also if you’re thinking of purchasing aromatic gifts this holiday season, these samples of 62 beautiful essential oils will help you get a better idea of what you want to buy for your loved ones and also for yourself. 

Since assembling these tiny vials into samplers is so expensive and time-consuming because all the labor is manual, we only have a very LIMITED supply of these samplers for sale, so don’t miss this short window of opportunity to smell them, even taste some, and experiment with all 62 of our USDA Certified Organic and pure essential oils! 

So, grab your SAMPLERS now before the holiday rush frenzy begins, so you won’t miss out because we'll offer 22 new essential oils for sale coming before Thanksgiving holiday!

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