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Make Your Own Perfume with Organic Essential Oils

To make a perfume out of essential oils is much easier than you think and your body will thank you for it by not bombarding it with all the chemicals and toxins added to the commercial perfumes filled with nasty ingredients. If you're not convinced why you should ditch the commercial fragrances for good, check out this blog to find out how harmful commercial perfumes are for your body, your hormones and your health.

All you need to create your own one-of-a-kind perfume is to mix 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil with 1-2 teaspoons of carrier oil such as coconut, almond, or jojoba oil, shake the mix well, and store it into a small rollerball for easy application, and voila! Make sure you are using USDA organic oils for topical use, otherwise, there is no guarantee that you are avoiding chemicals in non-organic essential oils that come from conventional farms where plants are sprayed with pesticides and artificial fertilizers. 

Some of the favorites essential oils scents for women include JasmineGeranium RoseLavenderBergamotPatchouliClary Sage, and Ylang YlangOther oils such as VetiverBergamotCedarwoodFirBayLemongrassMyrrhFrankincense, and Sandalwood are more preferred by men. The examples here are not to say these oils are for women and the others are for men, we just listed the ones that are most popular, but you can choose any oil you love among the hundreds of essential oils available today! And if you want to be unique, you should definitely sample some other essential oils that are not so popular. We promise you there are some wonderful essential oils that most people never heard of, and which have an exquisite aroma. The beauty of essential oils is that every plant that is converted into an essential oil has some health benefits in addition to the beautiful natural scent that you can only get from them and that in itself is a win-win!

Having said that, most genuine essential oils aromas are very mild in their nature since they are directly extracted from plants, trees, roots, and flowers, so any of these can be used by both men and women as their scents are not pungent but rather mild, yet lasting longer than the artificial fragrances. This just shows just how versatile the essential oils can be.

Either if you want to create a personalized perfume for a holiday, Valentine's or a birthday gift, you can use that to your advantage to make your own perfumes and (also candles) for your friends and loved ones by combining your own selection of essential oils that match their personality, give it a special name, and voila! You have created a meaningful -UNIQUE gift that is personalized and will leave your friend smelling amazing and feeling special!

And if you're not sure what essential oil scents you'd like for your own perfume creation, we recommend trying our oil samples before committing to a whole bottle of essential oil. Our USDA Certified Organic Essential Oil Samplers come in 3 different packages, and they're the perfect introduction to aromatherapy for anyone interested in learning or expanding their knowledge about essential oils and holistic health. Our samplers are the cheapest and smartest way to sample new oils BEFORE committing to a whole new bottle, especially high-quality essentials oils, which aren't cheap. Each of our 3 oil sampler packs includes 21 1-ml vials with different oils, for a total of 63 different oils scents to choose from. To find out which essential oils are in each sampler pack open the link above. 

Now all you have to do is get creative and have fun making your own unique perfumes! 


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