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DIY Natural Cleaning with Essential Oils + 4 Affordable Recipes

It’s not a secret anymore that conventional cleaning products contain many harsh and toxic chemicals that are harmful to our bodies and our planet. Many people have developed lots of allergies or even worse asthma from years of house cleaning or just simply exposure to the harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients found in the commercial cleaning products known to cause other health problems such as hormonal imbalances, skin issues, cognitive problems, just to name a few. Not to mention the expensive cost of the store cleaners plus the waste and the negative impact on the environment of all those empty bottles!!! 

Using essential oil and other natural ingredients is ideal as it’s the ONLY SUSTAINABLE solution that is affordable, clean, yet very effective at killing germs and bacteria plus it’s great for your health, your pocket, and the planet. 

Essential oils harness the power of plants, and most of them contain antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties which makes them great for keeping unwanted bacteria and germs at bay without the nasty side effects of store-bought cleaners.

Besides while you’re cleaning with essential oils and smell their amazing aromas you’re also getting numerous other health benefits such as more energy and focus while being in a state of calm and relaxation, relief from nausea, colds and flu, allergies, sinus and other respiratory issues, a stronger immune system, and so much more! 

Here are 4 of our favorite recipes we’ve tried and used for years that are easy to make and an absolute joy to use on a daily basis as these natural cleaners’ amazing scents will also make you feel relaxed while you’re cleaning your home! 


DIY Everyday Antibacterial Spray Cleaner



  1. Combine all these ingredients and be sure to use a colored PET 16 oz or larger spray bottle, and shake well before each use. Avoid any spray bottles with a super fine mist, as the oils may clog the sprayer. 
  2. The reason why 70% isopropyl alcohol is generally preferred for cleaning solutions is due to its sufficient water content which slows its evaporation rate compared to higher percentage cleaners, thus giving it more time to work on bacteria.
  3. Use on kitchen & bath surfaces, as a mattress deodorizer, as a room & fabric freshener throughout your home against germs and bacteria, as needed.  If necessary, you could also use this on your hands as well, but it may dry them out because of the alcohol content. For your hands check out this 2 minutes DIY Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer recipe  which is great to use when you're on the go or travel, and it's easy, cost-effective and hydrating on your skin! 
  4. Or mix ONLY the essential oils together in a bottle, shake well and diffuse this oils blend in your nebulizer - undiluted for a burst of delightful aromas and a germ-free home environment. If you use a diffuser instead, just divide all quantities by 10 (for example, if the recipe calls for 10 drops use just 1 drop, and if 20 drops just use 2 drops, and so on).
  5. For maximum effect and for a long-lasting aroma, we highly recommend diffusing essential oils in a nebulizer for its capacity to distribute a stronger scent, which is long-lasting and in a fraction of the time, plus for its maximum therapeutic benefits which you won't get with a typical diffuser- read here to find out why. Shop the 

    Everyday Antibacterial Blend

Dishwashing & Windows Liquid Cleaning 



  1. Mix together in a spray glass or a colored PET plastic bottle and shake well before each use.
  2. You can use this blended mix with a bit of water to clean windows and trash cans both inside and out.
  3. Typically essential oils or anything formulated with them should be held in glass containers, but the reason why we recommend a PET plastic bottle for this is because it’s easier carrying around without having to worry about breaking a glass bottle when you’re in a hurry to clean up, plus PET plastic is not reactive with the oils as most types of plastics are. A colored PET bottle is also preferable as it protects essential oils from too much light exposure. 

Bacteria Busters Carpet Deodorizer



  1. Mix together in a bowl and transfer to powder containers.
  2. Sprinkle blend onto the carpet.
  3. Allow to sit for at least 30 minutes, then vacuum normally.
  4. Suggestion TIP: for a spring/ summer scent that is more fresh mix Eucalyptus, Lemon and Clove oils; for a fall/winter scent with a spicy and warmer vibe mix Tea tree with Orange and Cinnamon oils. 


DIY Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner



  1. Mix all ingredients in a bucket to mop away dirt and grease from tile, linoleum, or laminate floors.
Disclaimer: Herba Terra Organic is not liable for damage caused to any surface, flooring, or furniture that is cleaned with essential oils or these recipes. Essential oils are extremely potent and concentrated and should be used with caution. Start by testing the recipe on a small surface area before using it on the entire surface.                                                                                    

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